What Can You Grow In A Container?

No really, I’m asking you, because containers and a homemade raised bed are all I’m going to have.

I’ve dreamed about having a vegetable garden for a very long time. Back in high school, I was a bit of a nerd who read a lot. I’m not kidding, I spent study hall, lunch, and free period in the library. The only exceptions were when I shared a lunch period with friends.

While roaming through the library, I happened upon Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life. It was a book about food and farming, and like I said, I’d had an interest in growing things for a long time. So naturally, I’d picked this up.

The book essentially changed my perspective on nearly everything. After reading it, I looked more into food systems, and after that I looked more into environmental issues, and now I’m starting a career in environmental design. All because I wanted to start a vegetable garden.

The 10th anniversary edition came out recently if you’re interested.

Now, after many years of trying to get my feet under me, I have the opportunity to start doing that. I’d been growing a few things in pots during grad school, but now I’m free. I’ll be moving soon and have access to a little more space, and I want to build some raised beds and grow some plants.

I have big garden plans for my future. Someday, I’d like to actually have a small patch of land, on which I can have an asparagus patch and experiment with growing my own quinoa. I want fruit trees. A raspberry bush or two. Patches of strawberries and herbs. Name a food plant, I probably want to grow it someday. I don’t know, if given the situation I’m in student loan wise, if that will ever be a feasible dream, but I’ve got seeds for both of them and I’m going to carry them with me and continue dreaming anyway.


9 thoughts on “What Can You Grow In A Container?

  1. This is nice.


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      2. Well I certainly don’t mind if people share the posts I make here


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  2. I’m venturing into the realm of container gardening myself. I’m disabled, in a wheelchair now, but just can’t seem to give up that farming /homesteading dream. Good luck with your raised beds!


    1. For wheelchair gardening, I’ve heard raised beds work really well! I hope you’re successful in your endeavors as well!


      1. Thank you. We’re planning to move so I’m holding off on raised beds until then and doing containers for the moment. Thank you. 😁


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